Askeladden (The Ash Lad)

Norwegian pelt wool

100 % Norwegian pelt wool
100 grams = 350 meters/383 yards

Askeladden is a yarn made from norwegian pelt wool. It is rustic, yet soft and has a beautiful shine. This yarn base takes dye quite differently to anything I’ve every dyed on, and therefore the colors are really uniqe. Askeladden is beautiful for colorwork cardigans and mittens. It is not superwash treated, and some might find that it’s a little rough if you put it directly in contact with skin near your face. Askeladden have gotten it’s name from the Norwegian Folk Tales, written by Asbjørnsen and Moe, and all the colorway names are from the same collection of folk tales. It is totally interchangeable with my Caprino yarn.



Norwegian wool

100 % Norwegian wool
100 grams = 315 meters/345 yards
Heavy fingering/light sport

Caprino is a yarn made from 100 %norwegian wool. It is a 2 thread, rustic yet soft yarn that works beautiful in all colorwork projects. It is not superwash treated, and will work gorgeously for mittens and cardigans. Some might find that it’s a little rough next to skin. Caprino have gotten it’s name after Ivo Caprino, the director of the 1975 stop motion animated movie of The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (Flåklypa grand Prix), and all the colorways have names from that same movie. The yarn is totally interchangeble with my Askeladden (The Ash Lad) yarn, and they work wonderful together in a colorwork project.

Fjell (Mountain)

Merino sock

75 % superwash merino/25 % nylon
100 grams = 420 meters/463 yards

A soft, yet sturdy sock yarn, suitable for both socks and garments and everything in between.


Snø (Snow)

Sparkle sock

75 % superwash merino/20 % nylon / 5 % silver stellina
100 grams = 420 meters/463 yards

Who doesn’t want glitter in their yarn? This is perfect for socks and shawls, and it can easily be paired with the Fjell yarn.


Skog (Forest)

Merino DK

100% superwash Merino
100 grams = 205 meters/225 yards


A gorgous, thick superwash merino. This is perfect for hats, mittens or garments.