Selbu Mittens for Men
Selbu Mittens for Men
Selbu Mittens for Men
Selbu Mittens for Men

Selbu Mittens for Men

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Original Hand Knitted Norwegian Selbu Mittens

This is a pair of lovely, warm mitens knitted in according to the Norwegian Selbu tradition. These knitted mittens looks good during skiing, walking around in the city or any other outdoors activity.

The Selbu mittens origins from the small municipality of Selbu in the sentral part of Norway. Selbu has a strong, well known knitting tradition, and the selbu mittens are perhaps the most typical selbu knit, in Norwegian called a Selbuvott.

These lovely mittens are made of 100 % Norwegian wool.

Measured around knuckes: 23 cm/9 inches
Please remember that if the mittens fits to tightly, they might not feel as warm.

The mittens are handmade by me, in my home, and not mass produced. There will be a very limited amout of mittens available, due to the time it takes to hand knit them, This means that these mittens are unique - you are guaranteed a unique look, with no other person having the same mittens.
The Norwegian wool is gets softer the more it gets used. The stitches bloom and the inside of the mittens will felt lightly over time, which makes the mittens amazingly warm to use in snow and/or wind.

Due to wools ability to take up moisture, wool maintains a drier microclimate next to skin, keeping the wearer warm and dry.

Research shows that wool products often have long lifespans, meaning they are used or worn longer than other textile fiber products. Wool textile fibers can be washed less frequently because of their odor resistance, and be washed at lower temperatures, which has a lower impact on the environment. Wool is also one of the most recycled fibers.

Please hand-wash carefully and lay out flat for drying.