Mini skein mystery - 10 grams Norwegian wool

Mini skein mystery - 10 grams Norwegian wool

  • 25,00 kr

When buying this mystery mini skein, you'll receive one 10 gram mini skein of Norwegian wool. The mini skein will be one of the following bases: 

Sølje: 100 % Norwegian pelt wool. 35 meters / 38 yards = 10 grams. 

* Vilje: 100 % Norwegian lambs wool. 37 meters / 41 yards = 10 grams. 


The mini skein you receive may be speckled, variegated, tonal or semi-solid. If you order more than one mini-skein, I'll do my best to make sure the minis you receive goes well together. If you have specific requests, please let me know in the comment and I will do my best to accommodate, but I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to meet the request. 


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