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Since I don't have a chance to make any new calendars this year, I've decided to put a few of the extra ones I made last year up!
There's a vey limited amount, and once they're gone, they're gone, so be sure to grab one now if you want one.

There's two variants: 24 x 10 grams or 24 x 20 grams of norwegian wool. The bases are:

Sølje: 100 % Norwegian pelt wool. 35 meters / 38 yards = 10 grams. 

* Vilje: 100 % Norwegian lambs wool. 37 meters / 41 yards = 10 grams. 


The calendar consists of a selection of speckled, variegated, tonal and semi-solid colorways.

This is not a preorder! Which means that they're ready to be shipped, and will go out the first monday after you place your order.