Askeladden is a yarn made from 100 % Norwegian pelt wool. This one dyes up quite differently from other bases, so the colors are really uniqe! All the colors have names from traditional norwegian folk tales, written by Asbjørnsen and Moe.


Caprino is a yarn made from 100 % Norwegian wool. All the colors have gotten names from the Norwegian stop-motion animated movie “Flåklypa” (The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix), which was made in 1975. The story is written by Kjell Akrust, and the movie was directed by Ivo Caprino, who has made many stop-motion movies, among others movies about Askeladden (The Ash Lad) and Karius and Baktus.



Fjell, Skog, Snø

These colors are available on my Merino-based yarn. These are the bases called Fjell (Mountain), Snø (Snow) and Skog (Forest), which you can find more information on here.