My name is Emilie, and I'm the founder and dyer behind Arctic Yarns. I'm 29 year old, and I'm living in the northern part of Norway together with the most amazing kid in the world; my 4 year old son Ludvig. 

I've known how to knit my entire life, but when I was 19 I had to wait for the bus one winter day (winters can be quite harsh here), and I decided to go in to the LYS to keep warm. One thing led to another, and I went home with a ball of commercial sockyarn and some DPN's, and I've been a vivid knitter ever since.

In 2016 I started dyeing yarn, in the beginning for my own personal use, but I quickly realized that I could never use up all of the yarns I dyed, so I started selling a little bit online. It quickly grew, and today I run Arctic Yarns alongside an part time day job. 


All my yarns are created in in a little studio which I've set up in the basement of the house. I'm lucky enough to have a door in the studio which leads me directly outside, so that I can let my yarns dry in the midnight sun. At winter, I can't dry the yarn outside, but it's still amazing to be able to go directly out in the snow and enjoying a little bit of winter and northern lights when I need a break from work. This winter coming up, I've decided I'm going to try some snow dyeing, and for the first time I'm actually looking forward to the first snowfall. 

After closing the store for most of 2019 I'm

now back to the dye pots. I'm enjoying the time I have to dye, but have decided to slow things down a little - this means that the shop won't be open all the time. My aim is to keep it open for one week a month, and then use the rest of the month to dye, work and enjoy life. However, this isn't written in stone and might change during the year, so keep your eyes up on instagram and here at the webpage to get to know about the next shop update.