Our top priority is not only to make gorgeous yarns, but also to wrap it beutifully and send it to you within 72 hours. Please note that orders placed friday, might not be shipped until the following monday.


How much will shipping cost?

I offer a flat rate shipping of 70 norwegian kroner. This applies world wide.


Can I track my order? 

No. Due to the pricing of sending tracked packages from Norway, we are not able to offer a tracking number. However, if you want order 15 skeins or more, I will send it tracked at my expence. If you order less than 15 skeins and still want a tracking number, please send me a message and I'm able to send it tracked at your expense. (Pricing starts at 340 norwegian kroner internationally, and 170 norwegian kroner within Norway)

I've placed two/three orders with your today, can you combine them?

We do not automatically combine orders, but if you want us to please send us an e-mail at as soon as possible after order is submitted. If you don't ask us to we will never combine orders, as we know that some countries have a maximum price before import tax applies.

Will I have to pay fees or import tax on my order?

For international packages import tax/customs might apply. Please not that all import tax/customs are the responsibility of the customers. To find details about if income tax/customs might apply, please contact you local tax authorities, or you local postal service.